Tips & Size Convertor

  • Invest in good quality and sturdy boxes and packaging materials.
  • Boxes of similar sizes will be easier to stack in your storage container and will save you space.
  • Boxes that are only partly filled may tip over or collapse, so fill them to the full capacity, but not too heavy.
  • Label all boxes clearly so that you can identify the contents and remember to clearly mark any breakable items FRAGILE.
  • Don't store wet items as these can cause mould and mildew.
  • Appliances need care before storing.
  • Make sure that you defrost fridges and freezers before storing otherwise you will be leaving yourself open to water damage.
  • Drain washing machines and tie hoses down.
  • Leave fridge doors open.
  • Pictures, mirrors, and all breakables should be well wrapped in bubble wrap (available to purchase at the office).
  • If storing mattresses and sofas, these can be wrapped in durable plastic covers. Mattresses should be stored on their long end.
  • Dismantle items such as beds, wardrobes & tables to save more space.
  • Remember to keep all screws & fittings in a secure box otherwise you may not get them back together!
  • Electrical equipment such as TV's, stereos etc should be packed in a similar sized box with plenty of paper all around.
  • If storing any items with a fuel tank - lawn mowers & strimmers etc - these should be completely drained before putting into storage.
  • Store anything that you are likely to need near the front of the storage container to avoid moving everything after they have been securely stacked.
Container Size Equivalent Vehicle Size
8 x 7 Feet 1 Bedroom Flat Transit Van
10 x 8 Feet 2 Bedroom Flat 7.5 Tonne Van
20 x 8 Feet 3-4 Bedroom House Removal Lorry