Packaging Supplies

Somerset Storage Ltd have a variety of packaging materials available for purchase, to store and protect your goods or belongings.

Please note our Packaging Supplies are only available at in Glastonbury and Frome.

We sell the following packaging materials:

Packing Boxes

457 x 330 x 330mm (18"x13"x13") - £1.20 each
457 x 457 x 499mm (18"x18"x20") - £1.70 each

Packing Tape

£0.80 per roll

Bubble Wrap

£0.50 per metre

Matress Covers

Single matress cover - £2.00
King size matress cover - £3.00

Sofa Covers

150" x 45" - £2.75 each

Armchair Covers

76" x 46" - £2.90 each

All our covers are made from durable 200 gauge plastic. By purchasing covers for your furnishings, they will be protected against soil and dust.